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World Dance Masters 2018

What a wonderful return for the Rhapsody Dance Centre Team. After competing at the DanceStar World Dance Master Finals they came back with the following results:


1st Place – Antoinette de Villiers – Senior Jazz Solo

1st Place – Antoinette de Villiers – Senior Lyrical Solo

1st Place – Cara van Den Berg – Children Musical Theatre Solo

1st Place – Gabriel Ahrens – Junior Acrobatic Solo

1st Place – Mieke Carr – Mini Musical Theatre Solo

1st Place – Mieke Carr – Mini Jazz Solo

1st Place – Rodrique Japtha – Junior MTV Commercial Solo

1st Place – My sister & I (Mieke & Cara) – Children Musical Theatre Duet

1st Place – Two Ladies (Mieke, Cara, Gabriel) – Junior Musical Theatre Trio

1st Place – Run Boy Run – Senior Contemporary Group

2nd Place – Gabriel Ahren – Junior Jazz Solo

2nd Place – Mieke Carr – Mini Contemporary Solo

2nd Place – Rodrique Japtha – Junior Urban Solo

3rd Place – Antoinette de Villiers – Senior Musical Theatre Solo

3rd Place – Cara van den Berg – Children Jazz Solo

3rd Place – Luka & Amber – Junior Urban Duet

3rd Place – Luke & Amber & Rodrique – Junior Urban Trio

4th Place – Amber Barnett-Rodenhurts – Junior Musical Theatre Solo

4th Place – Tacara-Lee Farrell – Senior Contemporary Solo

4th Place – Mieke & Cara – Children Jazz Duet

5th Place – Luke Bradshaw – Junior MTV Commercial Solo

5th Place – Tacara-Lee Farrell – Senior Jazz Solo

5th Place – Nowadays – Senior Musical Theatre Duet


We would like to congratulate our team for the wonderful results and thank you for keeping our name flying high in Croatia during this year at the 2018 World Dance Masters

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