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Youth Dance Company

Welcome to Prestige Youth Dance Company

The Prestige Youth Dance Company was established in 2020 by Founding Director, Antoinette de Villiers after the successful 10 years of Rhapsody Dance Centre. 

The Prestige Youth Dance Company is offering a professional training environment for students who are more serious about pursuing dance as a career.

  • Mission: The exposure of the company dancers, the advanced training of these dancers as well as the creating of opportunities in pursuit of a professional career.  

  • Solution: An exclusive group of students (various ages) will audition to be part of the company. They will be trained in 3 main styles, longer periods per day and their training will include private lessons on a regular basis. They will form part of the 4D Project which will expose them as dancers on a National and International basis.

  • Focus: The Company will be focused on students with the vision of pushing themselves as stronger competitive dancers. These students will work towards a professional career in the future.

Selection Process

  • Step 1: Dancer Auditions for The Company

  • Step 2: Dancer will be successful/unsuccessful

  • Step 3: Dancer will be placed in their class according to age/ability

  • Step 4: Dancer will be auditioned for a Principle Solo, Soloist or Group Spot in the company

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