- awarded 1st,2nd and 3rd places for solo`s


- best 16 & under hip hop duo

- best 20 & over hip hop duo


- best 20 & over professional hip hip group



- Part of Western Province Performance Team representing WP at South African Championships of the Performing Arts 2013 - 23 of our dancers entered and all 23 qualified.


- SA Championships of The Performing Arts


  • Rhapsody Dance Centre received 56 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals and Antoinette De Villiers was awarded the overall winner in the 18-24 age category.


  • 5 of our dancers was selected by judges choice to perform in the Beyond 2000 SA Dance Group

  • All our dancers who entered the SA Championships was selected to represent South Africa at the World Championships in Los Angles as part of the SA Team


International Eisteddfod of the Performing Arts


Winner of 6&under years Classical Ballet Solo

Winner of 7-8 years Classical Ballet Solo

Winner of 9-10 years Classical Ballet Solo

9-10 years Classical Ballet Solo - 2nd Place

Winner of 11-12 years Classical Ballet Solo

Winner of 11-12 years Classical Ballet duets



6&under years Modern Solo - 2nd Place

9-10 years Modern solo - 3rd place

Winner of 11-12 years Modern solo

Winner of 13-14 years Modern Solo

15-16 years Modern Solo - 2nd place

17-19 years Contemporary Solo - 3rd Place

Winner of 12 & under Contemporary groups


Hip Hop

Winner of 9-10years Hip Hop Solo

11-12 years Hip Hop Solo - 3rd Place

Winner of 20 & over age Small group section

Winner of 20& over age Formation section


Musical theatre

Winner of 7-8 years Own Choice - Lip Sync Section

Winner of 9-10 years Lip Sync duet

Winner of 11-12 years Lip sync duet

Winner of 12&under Musical Theatre duets


Special Awards:

Overall winner of 12& under Groups

Overall winner of 12 &under Duets

3 x most outstanding Hip Hop Entrants

Theatre Dance Association - Teachers Choice Awards



Examinations done: 

TDA hip hop exams - June

TDA Musical Theatre exams - June

DASA Ballet exams - Oct

AIDT modern exams - April

TDA Hip Hop exams - NOV

TDA Musical Theatre exams - Nov


Exam: 100% pass rate

5 students receiving 100%


Jumnaji: 7 sold out shows 3 90% full shows


Tribute: 1200 people attended


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