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Founder - CEO - Choreography

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Professional Summary


Born and raised in South Africa, she is an aspiring young businesswoman who has always worked hard to achieve the highest level in everything she put her mind to.

Antoinette is an Award-winning Choreographer, dancer, qualified dance coach, and is well known as the Founding Director of Rhapsody Dance center, Prestige Youth Dance Company,4D Project, The Black Box Theatre, and the Halfway House Fitness Club.

She specializes in multiple styles such as Contemporary, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre.

During her 24 years of intense training experience & education in Performing Arts, Dance, Choreography she has traveled abroad several times expanding her knowledge in dance, the competition world, and many more areas of the Performing Arts. She has choreographed and danced in numerous music videos, TV commercials, live performances, and musicals.

She has judged numerous competitions such as the regional finals of the South African Championships of the Performing Arts, MOVE National Dance Competition and choreographed the South African team’s opening Gala Number at the 2017 World Championships of the Performing Arts

As a well-known specialized dance coach for the past 11 years, she has hosted productions and traveled doing festivals, workshops, and showcases all over South Africa. Antoinette has danced and trained dancers for International Competitions holding over 300 top 3 awards internationally. She has won several international choreography awards and her dancers have won numerous overall awards such as Grand Champion of the World in the senior and Junior divisions. Antoinette is also known as a dance lecturer and facilitator educating young dancers in becoming a future teacher of dance. Antoinette has also been awarded the TDA 2011 & 2016 Teacher of the Year Ward, the 2017 Legends Teacher of the Year, and the 2020/2021 International Dance Coach of the Year award by the international association, CorporateLive Wire.

She is a dedicated entertainment professional accomplished in all aspects of Performing Arts. Trained in: Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Pas de deux work, Jazz, Tap, Latin American, African Dancing, Broadway dancing, and many more.

As Antoinette is always in the pursuit of excellence, she also holds qualifications in Sports Phycology, Small Business Management, Event Planning, and Make-up Artistry. She is currently busy working on her turn & strength conditioning program and will be heading abroad next year to do workshops relating to her program as well as her well know contemporary and lyrical style choreography.

Work History


Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Stagecoach – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Provided training in Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre



Planned and executed productions & showcases

Provided choreography for events




Beyond2000 & SACOPA – Johannesburg, South Africa

Adjudicated the Semi-Final rounds for the South African Championships of The Performing Arts




Rhapsody Dance Centre – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Founder/CEO of Rhapsody Dance Centre

Choreographer/Trainer in style: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Modern, Tap

Sound, lighting, camera operation, and directing skills while working with a 170 person cast.

Build strong dancers and assistants before, during, and after coaching seasons.

Choreography, Productions, Stage & TV appearances include:

  • Disney production "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - Choreographer

  • "Jumanji", - Choreographer/ Producer/Dancer

  • "Sound of Silence" – Choreographer/ Producer/Dancer

  • "Beware the Ides of March" - Choreographer

  • Dancers 4 Dancers fundraiser at the Artscape Opera House. – Choreographer since 2010

  • LA producer - Ryan Patrick - Choreographer

  • “Se Net Ja” – KykNet – Choreographer 2017,2018,2019

  • Gospel Skouspel – Dancer & Choreographer

  • Chebanca – Dancer

  • Cinderella – Lead Dancer

  • Nutcracker – Dancer

  • Aladdin – Dancer

  • Moulin Rouge – Dancer

  • Wonka – Dancer

  • Midsummer Nights Dream – Dancer

  • The Witness - Dancer

  • Expresso SABC 3 – Guest

  • World Education Summit – Dancer

  • Western Cape Youth Day Celebration – Choreographer

  • Nedbank year-end function - Choreographer

  • Baxter Dance Festival – Dancer & Choreographer

  • Choreographer for Team SA 2017 @ World Championships of the Performing Arts

  • ENews – Guest & Dancer

  • Expresso – Guest Speaker

  • Hendrik Louw Primary School – Motivational Guest Speaker

  • CTM(Compare The Meerkat) – Dancer

  • Amy Casper School of Dance – Guest Choreographer

  • Oakdale High School – Guest Choreographer

  • Clemengold Promotion Campaign – Choreographer 2017 & 2018

  • Best Choreography - The Platform Season 1 Winners


  • Associate training - AIDT(Modern/Contemporary), TDA(Hip Hop, Modern, Ballet), DASA(Ballet)


Lecturer & Choreographer

Pneumatix Performing Arts Academy


  • Full-time Modern Dance Lecturer & Facilitator

  • Full-time Choreographer




Dance Teachers Diploma:

Association of International Dance Teachers -

  • Association of International Dance Teachers, Modern, November 2012· Dance Teachers Diploma

  • Association of International Dance Teachers, Attended the full course of the launch of the A.I.D.T New Modern Grade Examination syllabus

  • AIDT International Facilitator



Dance Teachers Diploma:

Dance Academy Of South Africa - Johannesburg, SA

  • Dance Teachers Diploma, Dance Teachers Training Course, February 201

  • Dance Academy of South Africa, Teaching Examination Pre-Grades, 14 October 2011

  • Dance Academy of South Africa, Distinction for Advanced Performance, 15 October 2011·

  • Dance Academy of South Africa, Membership Provisional, 1 March 2011

  • Exam Seminar on Pre-Grades and Grade Syllabi, Dance Academy of South Africa, 21 February 2015

  • Exam Seminar on Pre-Grade, Grade and Major Syllabi – 2018

  • Pre-Grade & Major – Gold Status Award

  • Major – Gold Status Award

  • DASA National Facilitator


Dance Teachers Diploma: Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, ballet

Theatre Dance Association - Cape Town, SA

  • Theatre Dance Association, Theatre Dance Member, April 2011

  • Theatre Dance Association, Teachers Diploma, March 2014

  • TDA National Facilitator

  • Recipient of the "Teacher of the Year Award" 2011 & 2016

  • Recipient of the Most Outstanding Senior Choreographer - Move National Dance Championships 2019


Diploma: Sport Psychology                                   

Diploma: Make-Up Artist 

Diploma: Event Planning                                                                                               

Diploma: Small Business Management                                                                                       



AIDT(Association of International Dance Teachers

TDA(Theatre Dance Association)

DASA(Dance Academy of South Africa)

WPDTA(Western Province Dance Teachers Association)

IADMS(International Association of Dance Medicine & Science)