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World Dance Masters - Croatia 2017

Results 2017:


Cara Hilpert (Mini Division)​- 6th

Shan-Lee Cilliers (Junior Division) - 4th Place

Christiaan Bandt (Junior Division) - 1st Place


Cara Hilpert (Mini Division) - 2nd Place

'People'  Trio (Junior Division) - 4th Place

'Boogie' Group (Junior Division) - 2nd Place



Christiaan Brandt (Junior Division) - 9th

Musical Theatre

Cara Hilpert (Mini Division) -3rd

Kalia Cost (Chirldren Division) - 7th

Shan-Lee Cilliers (Junior Division) - 1st

Liane Snyman (Junior Division) - 2nd

Kailen Hilpert (Junior Division) - 5th

Christiaan Brandt (Junior Division)-6th

Hip Hop

Cara Hilpert (Mini Division) - 1st Place

Kalia Cost (Children Division) - 6th Place

Christiaan Brandt (Junior Division)- 4th Place

Liane Snyman (Junior Division) - 8th 

'Britney' Group (Junior Division) - 8th

MTV Commercial

Christiaan Brandt - 5th



Christiaan Brandt - 1st Place

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